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Bac Son Valley is a new tourist destination for those who want to immerse into the natural beauty of mountains, green forest, and yellow rice fields. And it is also an ideal place for photographers to hunt the beautiful photos. And one of Bac Son’s attractions you must see in your journey is Na Lay mountain.

If you only pass the road through a small town in Bac Son Valley, you can’t see how beautiful scenes around you. Only when you stand on a peak, you are overwhelmed by this place’s charming sights. Na Lay Mountain is at an altitude of about 600m above the sea level. It is the place where most of Bac Son tourists come to because the view angle spreads out in the direction. It's a great point to view the Bac Son valley from above.

Stunning view from the top of Na Lay Mountain

The way to the top of Na Lay Mountain is about 1,200 steps climbing up. It will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach on top. Then the scene from the top of Na Lay will be a gift to remove all the hard, tired in your daily life. And it would be even greater if you stayed overnight at the top of the mountain to enjoy the sunsets and enchanting aurora in Bac Son valley.

When the sunset falls, the serpentine river shines up illusory colour, or the last lights at the end of the day are like dyed in gold spreading all the Bac Son Valley, it seems to want to refuse to leave. Furthermore, space gradually darkened, the houses in town began to light up, looks like small fireflies embracing the foot of huge limestone mountains.

On the top of Na Lay Mountain, there is a microwave relay station and people who manage there. You can have an ideal place right here to take a rest with a bit of friendliness and a little money. However, in the ripe rice season, the number of tourists will increase and there may not be enough room for everyone, you should prepare the tent to camp overnight near the station. Lying under the night sky and watching stars shining above, that will be amazing and you can’t forget such a romantic night.

A romantic night on the Na Lay Mountain

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In the early morning, the Dawn starts coming, somewhere in town you still see the light of houses hasn’t been turning off. Bac Son Valley gradually appears in fog and white floating clouds. When the sun stands after limestone mountain range, the shine lights up space, you can see the white clouds wriggle among peaks. Then the sun is on the top, all valley and the mountain are covered by bright red shining. No one can deny their beauty.

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The wonderful sunrise picture in the Na Lay Mountain

The weather here is quite convenient. So you can take a trip to Na Lay Mountain whenever you like. However, from July to October is the most reasonable because, at this time, Bac Son valley is covered by yellow – the colour of ripe rice. It makes Bac Son becomes a charming landscape picture but still elegantly simple and peaceful. Lots of tourists come here, to take the unique pictures, I could say if you are a photographer, you won't want to miss the destination when travelling to Bac Son.

The unique colour of ripe rice on the harvest season 

“Bac Son - we visited a local family and we've eaten with them (delicious and generous portion of food), passing through the village (Tay People) where they made tiles and ceramics where we could understand in deep level the reason the Vietnamese houses are building the way it is. To finalize the tour we hiked Na lay Mountain where we could see from the top down all Bac Son Village, a spectacular landscape. Not easy to hike the squeezed line but worth to see the valley from that high. Na-lay Mountain = 1200 steps and 600m high”. A review from Renata G. Ferreira (Sydney, Australia after she had a great trip to Bac Son Valley and being seen the whole Bac Son landscape from Na Lay Mountain.

Fogy surrounding the house in Bac Son Village

Well, I believe your camera is really eager to take pictures from high paradise in Na Lay. What are you waiting for? Just pick up the backpack and go now.

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